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The purpose of this questionnaire is to hear women’s points of view on questions that were unanswered in the original Hite Report on female sexuality. For example, how women feel about love, relationships, marriage, and monogamy were not covered, due to lack of funds. We would very much like to hear your thoughts and opinions on these subjects now, as well as anything else you would like to add. The results will be published as a large-scale discussion of what was said, with many quotes.

It is not necessary to answer every question! There are seven headings; feel free to skip around and answer only those sections or questions you choose.

Please visit the original questionnaire for the Shere Hite report

The Basic Pleasures and Benefits Women Find in Marriage

Almost always, women who are married mention (sometimes along with other things) that they like the feeling—real or hoped for—of stability, security, a shared past and future together— “belonging somewhere’? [i]

“The main basis of our marriage is just the pleasure, the security, of daily companionship, working together toward common goals, a sense of knowing the other is there when needed, a genuine caring about the welfare of each other.”

“The best part is being able to have him there when I need him to love (I don’t like the hours he works because he’s always tired). We are both happy.”

“Knowing you don’t have to face life alone is the best part.”

“Security, mutual respect. Each of us knowing the other is always there.”

“Married fifteen years. I like the family unit being together—it makes you feel secure and content. (Sometimes it’s nice to just have the house to myself, and be alone for a while.) Before I was married I was searching for something in my life. Now I feel I’ve found it. I like the term ‘wife,’ it makes me feel as though I belong to my husband. The best part is snuggling up to him and having him hold me when I really need it.”

“I have been married for twelve years. The best part of marriage is feeling that it is my haven, my retreat from the world. I can simply be an extension of my husband when outside pressures get me down. I like being his ‘wife.’ My reasons for getting married were security and insulation from being hurt in a love affair again.”

“I think I married him to replace my father, to have a rock to anchor on. When he came along, he was so steadfast, so decent and honest and uncom­plicated and all man, yet kind and caring and so much in love with me, I just couldn’t let him go. Even though I went through a couple of years of tortured indecision about marrying him, he waited for me to say yes. And he has remained that steady rock, faithful, loving, dependable.”

84 percent mention companionship or having a home as their principal reason for liking marriage—even though they wish they could change the emotional relationship with their husband, as they describe it in Part I, and may have a high level of dissatisfaction.

What makes you feel happiest, the most alive?
Your work?
Your love relationship?
A hobby or second career?
Going places (travel, concerts, dinner with friends)?
Your children?
How happy are you, on a scale of one to ten?

Please visit the original questionnaire for the Shere Hite report

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