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The Hite Report Audio Book

Masturbating in Type I means lying on your back, and using your hands, fingers, or vibrator; Type 11 is very similar, except it means lying on your stomach instead of your back. Five point five percent (plus an additional 1.5 percent who could also masturbate in other ways) of the women who answered masturbated on their stomachs, using a band or a vibrator, and of course Type II also contains all the variations

The Hite Report Audio Book discussed in conjunction with Type I. However, the pressure of the body seems to make an important difference; some women felt this increased their stimulation, while other women said they could not orgasm at all on their stomachs, or only with difficulty.

Some women of Type II move their bodies against their hands, while others move only their hands and not their bodies; generally, however, they move both.

An interesting sidelight of Type II is that a much higher percentage of women hold their legs together than in Type I. This will be discussed in detail later in the chapter. Only one
fourth of the women who described the position of their legs held them apart – an unusually low percentage.

Shere Hite would very much like to hear from readers as to their thoughts about the issues raised in this The Hite Report Audio Book. All discussions of the contents would be welcomed, as would personal experiences or reflections. Alternatively, those who would like to may answer the following specific questions:

  1. With which parts of this audio did you most agree? disagree? find most emotionally involving?
  2. Do you feel women today, as reflected here, are generally angry, frustrated, or basically happy? Which are you?
  3. What was your mood as you listened to this audio—or what moods did you feel while listening to different parts of the audio?
  4. How is your own personal life going? What is the best thing about it? the worst? Are you anticipating any changes, or have you made any changes recently?
  5. What gives you the most satisfaction? your work? someone you love? your spare time?
  6. Please add anything else you would like to say.

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