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What are the practical arrangements?

The purpose of this questionnaire is to hear women’s points of view on questions that were unanswered in the original Hite Report on female sexuality. For example, how women feel about love, relationships, marriage, and monogamy were not covered, due to lack of funds. We would very much like to hear your thoughts and opinions on these subjects now, as well as anything else you would like to add. The results will be published as a large-scale discussion of what was said, with many quotes.

It is not necessary to answer every question! There are seven headings; feel free to skip around and answer only those sections or questions you choose.

What are the practical arrangements?
Who does the dishes?
Makes the beds?
Does the cooking?
Takes care of the children?
What is daily life like?
Do you sleep in the same bed?
Take baths or showers together?

Please visit the original survey for the Shere Hite report

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